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Welcome to MassAdoption A Bitcoin Meetup

Our mission is to help others leverage Bitcoin to improve their financial freedom. We believe creating circular bitcoin economies is the key to a better world. We would love to have you join our mission by donating, joining the discord, or coming to a meetup. Scroll down to learn more about Mass Adoption.

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We believe that in this world we live in, there is a never-ending cycle of control and manipulation because our money is broken. The power of money is controlled by a few, while the rest of us are left to earn it and live in debt. But there is hope, a way to break free from this game and take control of our own destiny. Bitcoin, a decentralized, permissionless and fixed currency, is the key to unlocking true freedom. By using it and spreading it, we can make a stand against the matrix and take back our power. Together, we can create a new world where freedom reigns and the power of money is in the hands of the people, not the bankers & politicans.

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Bitcoin meetups offer a valuable opportunity for individuals to learn about and take control of their financial future. Attendees can learn about the benefits of using Bitcoin, network with like-minded individuals, and discover new ways to invest in and utilize the digital currency. Additionally, participating in the local Bitcoin community helps promote the use and understanding of Bitcoin and allows individuals to be a part of the movement to create circular economies and decentralize the financial system. Joining a local bitcoin meetup is a crucial step towards achieving financial freedom and self-sovereignty.

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The choice is yours: debt slavery or self-sovereignty, ignorance or truth, green pill or orange pill. What's it going to be anon?

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If you believe in our mission and want to help us continue to build circular economies consider donating. All funds will be deployed to help Mass Adoption put on the best meetups in the New England area.

About UsMass Adoption

How We Got Started

The Meetup was originally started by Greg Hoffmeister. It quickly grew in size and we realized we had something special with the Boston Bitcoin community. We've been lucky enough to have some notable guests come speak at the Meetup including Greg Foss, BJ Dichter, and many more.

We owe a huge thank you to the organizations who have been kind enough to sponsor various Mass Adoption meetups which includes great companies like River, & Foundation Devices. If you are a Bitcoin company looking to sponsor an event get in touch! If you are a Bitcoiner looking to meet some other Bitcoiners in real life come and join us.




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Spent Going Down The Bitcoin Rabbit Hole


Strengthening Their Ties To The Massachusetts Bitcoin Community


Notable Bitcoiners
Kind Of Enough To Give Talks And Share Their Knowledge

Meet The Team

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Mass Adoption VideosMass Adoption

Check out some of the speakers who have been kind enough to give talks at MassAdoption meetups.

Merch PageMass Adoption Merch

MassAdoption is proud to have partnered with Proof Of Ink to sell MassAdoption shirts. Proof Of Ink ( is a Bitcoin company in the Massachusetts area dedicated to creating quality clothing and design. Color & sizes may vary based on availability. If you prefer to buy a shirt with bitcoin come to a meetup and we will gladly do some P2P transactions.

Resources Page21m/everything

Bitcoin is a bearer asset which means complete sovereignty over your funds. Having full control of your money is incredibly empowering and also very dangerous without proper handling. Make sure you put in the time to go down the rabbit hole so you are prepared for the great responsibility of holding your keys. This page is designed to serve as a resource to help those on their Bitcoin journey.

The first three links contain where we recommend buying bitcoin, how to leverage Bitcoin if you are a small business, and our trusted hardware wallet provider to store your bitcoin safely. Links 4-6 contains Bitcoin podcasts. Links 7-9 contain Bitcoin books. Links 10-12 contain Bitcoin websites we recommend checking out. Links 13-15 contain substacks we recommend.



btc for local merchants

PDF for merchants


Foundation Devices

The Bitcoin Source

Investors Podcast

What Is Money?

The Bitcoin Standard

Price Of Tomorrow

The Bullish Case

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Looking Glass

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21 Lessons


Bitcoin Rocks

Macrojack Substack

The Informationist

Our Substack

Contact UsMass Adoption

Do not hesitate to reach out!

Whether you are a company looking to sponsor an event, proud Bitcoiner looking to give a speech, or fellow Bitcoin pleb looking to drink some beer and meet other Bitcoiners we would love to hear from you!